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Jazz Clarinet Improvisation Lessons


Lesson Series

Improvisation can be a terrifying thing for new students! The thought of just 'making stuff up' without any written music can almost seem like a magic trick! However, improvising on the clarinet, just like any discipline, is something that can be practiced, and developed.

In this 3 part lesson series, you are given a step-by-step approach to improvising. It is a fun and engaging way to learn the foundation to improvisation!

With lots of fun musical exercises, and making music together just like we would be in the same room! With the advantage of being a video that you can go back and do many times over.

This series includes 3 video lessons, plus accompanying PDFs, and backing tracks to practice along with.


Beginner Improvisation Series: Sample Video
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This lesson series is available for
$14.95 through our 1 month lesson series access

or it's free through any of our
unlimited full access subscriptions

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