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jazz clarinet lessons- blues clarinet


Let's get down and dirty with the Blues!

This lesson series is a simple, musical and FUN approach to learning and applying bluesy techniques to your jazz playing.

The blues is such an integral part of jazz, but it is often overlooked when we are learning jazz. But using blues inflections and phrasing will add a whole new depth of expression to your clarinet playing!

Includes backing tracks, lead sheets, and  a PDF of 50 Blues Licks for clarinet to get you started!



-6 part in-depth instructional video lesson series in all things bluesy

- 12 Bar Blues backing tracks, in all 12 keys!

- 50 Blues licks PDF for clarinet

- Lead Sheets

- for all levels, from beginner to advanced!


Essential Blues Clarinet- lesson sample
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This lesson series is available for $14.95
through our 1 month lesson series access

or it's free through any of our
unlimited full access subscriptions

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