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Lesson Series

Jazz Clarinet Online Lesson Series


Lesson Series

In this lesson series, we learn the "tricks of the trade" for Jazz Clarinet.

This lesson series is specially designed for the clarinet player to develop the techniques specifically used in jazz clarinet.

Jazz Clarinet techniques are not independent to traditional classical playing. They are designed to add flexibility and color to a solid foundation of good clarinet technique.



With over 20 individual video lessons, backing tracks, PDFs,    multi camera video angles. Available for streaming access with  free PDF's and backing track downloads.

Topics covered:


One of the most important aspects of your jazz clarinet sound. A step by step instruction on how to develop your vibrato, with PDF lesson guide.

Jazz Clarinet Effects: Growling, Flutter Tongue, Glissando, Sliding, Scoops and Falls

A step by step instruction of all the clarinet effects used in jazz clarinet, with specific examples, and exercises to develop these techniques.

Finding your Jazz Sound

A practical guide to developing your voice as a jazz instrumentalist. With a practical guide to developing your embouchure to facilitate your jazz effects.

The Swing Feel

Specific exercises and studies to develop your swing feel.

Jazz Articulation

A whole series of studies to develop your articulation in the world of jazz playing. With specific examples to practice.

The Blues

The foundation of jazz playing. Understand the blues form, and improvise some melodies with your PDF and backing track. 

Free PDFs

Many of the lessons are accompanied with free PDFs containing studies and exercises to develop your jazz techniques.


Repertoire studies with free backing tracks

You will receive backing tracks and lead sheets of some classic jazz clarinet repertoire to practice as much as you want!

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