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Have you ever listened to the great traditional jazz bands like Louis Armstrong, Preservation Hall, or King Oliver, and wondered how all the musicians improvise together without it sounding like a mess?

This style of collective ensemble improvisation is one of the most enjoyable and unique aspects in jazz!


This lesson series will teach you to how to play in the traditional, or dixieland, style, with practical steps on how to develop your playing in a collective ensemble in the New Orleans style.

With a step by step approach, you will learn the ways to approach the supportive role of the clarinet (often referred to as obbligato clarinet playing).


And the best part, you get to practice along with our Virtual Front Line Playalong Videos.. alongside a professional traditional font line of trumpet and trombone! It's just like being in a New Orleans band!

By the end of this series, and with just a few simple concepts (and some practice!), you will be improvising in a more effective and authentic style of ensemble obbligato clarinet playing!

This series includes a 5-part instructional video lesson series, plus accompanying PDFs, solo transcriptions and backing tracks, and full band play along videos to practice along with!

This lesson series is available for $14.95
through our 1 month lesson series access

or it's free through any of our
unlimited full access subscriptions

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