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Here you will find your online resources; starting at the fundamentals,
and moving onto advanced techniques,
jazz harmony and improvisation.

Jazz Clarinet Online Lessons

Lesson Series

In this lesson series, we learn the foundation of good clarinet playing.

Designed to accommodate the absolute beginner, to the clarinetist with some experience, this comprehensive lesson plan will provide you with the correct and solid foundation for great clarinet playing.

Whether or not you're a jazz or classical musician, good clarinet technique is universal!

Lesson Series

In this lesson series, we learn the "tricks of the trade"

This lesson series is specially designed for the clarinet player to develop the techniques specifically used in jazz clarinet. Jazz Clarinet techniques are not independent to traditional classical playing. They are designed to add flexibility and color to a solid foundation of good clarinet technique.


Have you wanted to learn how to improvise, but it always seemed to hard to learn?

In this 3-part video lesson series, guide by our world-class instructor, we will have you improvising in no time,  with a no-nonsense practical approach.

Lesson Series


For the clarinet improviser that wants to develop their improvising in the swing style and early jazz style.

If you want to sound more like the early greats such as Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw, this is the course for you!

Lesson Series

latin clarinet title.jpg
brazilian jazz clarinet title.jpg

A great way to learn to play in the groove, and

improvise in a funky style!

The Blues is one of the foundations of Jazz, and it's a lot ot fun!

A fun lesson series to develop your blues playing


Level | Intermediate/Advanced

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