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Step into the sultry rhythms and vibrant melodies of Brazilian Jazz Clarinet with our exclusive lesson series! Whether you're an aspiring musician or a seasoned player, our comprehensive video lessons offer a captivating journey through the heart of Brazilian music.

In this lesson series, you'll learn the essential techniques and stylistic elements that define this genre. From the smooth grooves of Bossa Nova to the infectious energy of Samba and the intricate melodies of Choro, each lesson is crafted to immerse you in the rich style of Brazilian rhythms and melodies.

Through engaging video tutorials, you'll develop the art of improvisation, explore the nuances of phrasing, and discover the cultural influences that shape Brazilian Jazz. With a blend of theory, practical exercises, and performance tips, you'll find inspiration and challenge at every turn.

Let the irresistible sounds of Brazil ignite your creativity and elevate your clarinet playing to new heights!

This series includes a 13-part instructional video lesson series, plus accompanying PDFs, solo transcriptions and backing tracks to practice along with.


Brazilian Jazz Clarinet- Lesson Series Sample Video
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-a 13 part in-depth instructional video lesson series breaking down the process of playing and improvising in the Choro, Bossa Nova and Samba styles.


- a breakdown of the history of Brazilian music, and Brazilian jazz and explanations of the terminology used in this music.

-lessons in improvisation with a one-on-one teacher videos.

- FREE lead sheets and backing track downloads of some of the most important songs in this style.

- Intermediate to Advanced level

This lesson series is available for $14.95
through our 1 month lesson series access

or it's free through any of our
unlimited full access subscriptions

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