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Viva La Musica!!!


Latin Jazz is an important and undeniable aspect of jazz, with it's own unique style, tradition and repertoire, including one of the iconic contemporary clarinetists of our time, Paquito D'Rivera!

Our Afro-Cuban Latin Jazz Clarinet series will teach you how to solo effectively in the Afro-Cuban style, by breaking down the improvisational tools of the masters in fun and easy-to-learn steps.

(note- even the term Latin Jazz has become very broad, this

lesson series focuses on the Afro-Cuban tradition.)

This series includes a 12-part instructional video lesson series, plus accompanying PDFs, solo transcriptions and backing tracks to practice along with.


Latin Jazz Clarinet- Lesson Series Sample Video
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-an 11 part in-depth instructional video lesson series breaking down the process of playing and improvising in the Afro-Cuban style.


- a breakdown of the history of Afro-Cuban jazz, and explanations of the terminology used in this music.

-lessons in improvisation with a one-on-one teacher videos.

- FREE lead sheets and backing track downloads of some of the most important songs in this style.

- Beginner to Intermediate level (It is recommended to first study the jazz fundamental lesson series beforehand)

This lesson series is available for $14.95
through our 1 month lesson series access

or it's free through any of our
unlimited full access subscriptions

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